Lead Integrations Developer

Job description

Duties: wrapping the SDK’s of our partner blockchains into our Meta SDK and using that Meta SDK to build our back-end microservices that are made available through our API. Adding the newly available API methods to our client-facing SDK and writing docs for those methods. Eventually leading a team of integrations developers.

Reporting: reports to VP of Engineering while also working closely initially with CEO/CTO who is our current lead integrations developer.

Job requirements

Experience: writing micro-services that have made or facilitated transactions on at least two or more blockchains, and at least one that has a smart contract language other than Solidity. Writing wallet applications, ideally experience writing at least one blockchain wallet application (web or mobile, ideally both). Familiarity writing API’s. Advanced Node JS experience. Familiarity with the AWS stack highly desirable.

Style: must enjoy working collaboratively with frequent updates / pushes to codebase; comfortable working asynchronously; strong work ethic; engineering mindset (not necessary to be an engineer) able to solve problems through decomposition and a strong can-do attitude