Lead Full-Stack Developer

Job description

Duties: building and maintaining our SaaS front-end and back-end microservices and API. Could also be asked to help out from time to time on back-end integrations microservices development and/or other company initiatives that require full-stack development such as in marketing or community building efforts. Eventually leading a team of full-stack developers.

Reporting: reports to VP of Engineering while also working closely initially with CEO/CTO who has written a lot of our current full-stack application code.

Job requirements

Experience: writing full-stack web applications in React and Node.js. Experience writing mobile applications in React Native desired. High efficiency – able to add new features and microservices quickly. Experience with SQL and NoSql databases.

Style: must enjoy working collaboratively with frequent updates / pushes to codebase; comfortable working asynchronously; strong work ethic; engineering mindset (not necessary to be an engineer) able to solve problems through decomposition and a strong can-do attitude